Businesses Have Secrets?

Stealth Mode Explained

Anishka Jain, Jahnvi Reddy- Dublin BZBUCK

3 minute read


In today's world, digital technology makes it extremely hard to keep certain products or ideas created by businesses private. In order for businesses to make sure that their new innovation does not get into the public eye, they go under “stealth mode”. This mode helps a business keep their new product or service under a state of secrecy for a substantial amount of time. There are many benefits as well as downsides for companies who decide to go under stealth mode. The two types of stealth modes include total stealth mode and in-company stealth mode. These modes have helped multiple major companies become extremely successful with their new launches. As Patti Smith once said, “In art and dream may you proceed with abandon. In life may you proceed with balance and stealth”.

Stealth mode has helped to keep many companies at the top of their game because of the sole fact that they are able to hide their ingenious ideas and work under a veil until they are ready. One type of stealth mode that has let extremely large and influential companies rise higher is total stealth mode. This is when the company is completely hiding every move they make, even misleading anybody who tries to guess what they are trying to make. Nest, the popular thermostat company, originally started in stealth mode in Silicon Valley while leaving the public guessing as to what exactly their products were going to be. After their launch, everyone was dumbfounded since their guesses were way off the mark.

The second type of stealth mode is in-company stealth mode. Microsoft was a big example of this. They kept code names for their projects, effectively keeping the products on a need to know basis with only the project workers knowing the true purpose of the product. This allowed the company to keep certain projects hidden until they were ready for production and sale. Although their product was successful, there are obvious downsides to being in stealth mode as well. When your company goes into stealth mode, it limits feedback opportunities and makes it harder for you to find the right market for your product. Due to this, many companies that started in stealth mode failed in their attempts to make and sell their products.

Forgetting about the public and press when creating a new product or idea may be difficult but in the end, benefits will appear. Stealth mode helps bring in privacy, potential customers, and investors to the business which can help create profits. Focusing on the product before launching is what stealth mode is all about. It helps the company or individual to truly understand all the details of their new idea before other companies get to it. The benefits of stealth mode most definitely outweigh the downsides because the new product that a company created is something the world has never seen. Mel Gibson, a famous actor, once stated “Get power but don't admit to it. Do it by stealth”.