Project Helping Hand


Every community, whether it be as big as a metropolitan city or as small as a rural town, is defined by its ordinary lifestyle and local endeavors. However, resulting from the implications of global lockdowns and various other issues, communities have suffered especially in areas where help is not easily accessible. Project Helping Hand is an initiative to encourage student involvement in supporting local communities during the COVID-19 pandemic and other complications. The project uplifts individuals into making a contribution to their neighborhood, no matter how small it may seem, by performing such deeds as recycling, offering communal assistance, and supporting local businesses. The students that have contributed to the highest degree of change will be recognized through BZBUCK's Hall of Fame.

We welcome you to participate in BZBUCK's brand new "Project Helping Hand"! The purpose of this project is to urge student leaders with capability and resources to spend their time contributing to their community. The winner will be featured in the BZBUCK Hall of Fame, as well as presented with an honorary certificate of recognition.

Prompt: How can you use your leadership skills to support your community after the effects of COVID-19? Design a project that involves students working together to contribute to your community's pandemic response.

What to Submit:

  • A 10-minute video responding to the prompt
  • Proof of student involvment in your area and somewhat application of your idea


  • Must be in grades 6-12
  • Allowed to work alone or with ONE Partner
  • Any work submitted after due date will NOT be accepted
  • All work submitted must be original