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A Timeline of Our Events

Marina Kernes

Jonny Perl

Personal Branding Conference

August 19, 2o20

Mariana Kernes, Executive Program and Product Management Leader at Kaiser Permanante, walked us through the most effective way to pitch yourself in the workplace. You can find an insight into what we covered below!

Why are you special?

When your future employers interview you, what will you tell them when they ask you this question? A lot of people spend their entire lives trying to figure out why they're special. But professionally, having an answer to this question can give you more of an advantage than you can even imagine. So, how do you answer this question? How do you showcase your best qualities so that college admission counselors truly see your uniqueness? How do you design a professional profile so inspiring that companies can't resist hiring you?
Marina explained how to prepare for an elevator pitch, and how to truly collect your best qualities to create the best possible professional profile.

Personal Branding Conference

August 19, 2o20

As an Associate Producer at Cinemation, works alongside esteemed producers in the development of new animated features, and brodway musicals. He walked us through the tru importance of connections, and how they can make or break a career. He also provided a personal example of how elevator pitches are crucial in the workplace and how it leads many to land a job.

BZBUCK Kickoff 2020

August 11, 2020

Our 2020 BZBUCK Kickoff was a blast! Middle and High School Students from all over the United States joined us for a fun and informative start to our program. We offered several workshops with different themes based on grade level and interests. The workshop leaders prepared engaging lessons and activities for all the students!

Raquel Perez

The Path to Financial Freedom

July 21, 2o20

Komal Vij, Founder of BZBUCK, and Raquel Perez, Business and Financial Coach, discussed the reality behind the path to financial freedom, the untold perspective of entrepreneurial finance, how to build ideal financial habits early, and much more.